Customer Feedback

“Construction is a business that’s full of problems,” says John Lawson, President of contracting firm W.M. Jordan. “The test of character of a business is how it handles those problems.” Capital Concrete, then, passes with flying colors: “Their customer service has been top notch,” Jordan notes. “They’re personable, easy to reach, and constantly ask how we’re doing. They genuinely care, and they support us very, very well.”  The fact that Capital Concrete is family-owned, adds Lawson, “makes it different from the start. They’re not a big international conglomeration, and they don’t make excuses.”

Contractor Dave Beasly, owner of Dave’s Concrete, agrees. “My customers deserve the best,” he says, and for Beasly “the best” is Capital Concrete: “They take good care of me, and they’ve got quality concrete.”

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