How We Work

As run by President Elizabeth “Boo” Twohy, Capital Concrete operates under a responsive yet powerful charge. The company’s unique “Open-Door Policy” ensures that everyone, from driver to President to customer, is heard, respected, and appreciated. As Twohy herself says, “You don’t just work at Capital Concrete. You have to get engaged with one another.” Channels of conversation are always open, both internally and with clients.

Aside from ensuring that the company is the most communicative joint in town, this attitude means that different employees understand what their colleagues are up to—literally: Every new hire spends time “in the truck,” participating in the ready-mix process at its most fundamental level. The all-encompassing training doesn’t stop there. The company operates what it calls Capital Concrete College, which provides education in the science-meets-brawn-meets-horserace world of concrete.

These efforts mean that customers always receive the highest quality product from the best-trained and respectful folks in the business. Our family-run team spirit guides every project, every step of the way.

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