Green Building with PERvious Concrete & Insulated Concrete Forms

In recent years, the construction industry has made significant strides towards becoming more green and sustainable.  Concrete plays a major role in this movement and can be a source of many LEED credits for contractors. 

Pervious Concrete is a unique mixture of concrete in which the fine aggregate, or sand, is all but eliminated, thus allowing water to permeate the hardened concrete. The benefits of pervious concrete include the elimination of large retention ponds, replenishment of ground water, and reduction of heat because of the light color to name a few. Go to www.perviouspavement.org for more technical details.

Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICF, & Tilt Up Concrete are two methods of building where the structure itself is made from concrete making it highly resistant to weather like tornadoes and hurricanes, and extremely energy efficient. Once erected, contractors can employ various methods of exterior finishes to create a decorative appearance to a highly durable building!

Our Environmental Professional has 32 years in the concrete ready mixed industry and is certified in the following:

    - OSHA Certified

    - NRMCA Environmental Professional Certified

    - NRMCA Plant Manager Certified